Sap in Tanks and Getting ready to Boil

We've had a series of weak to modest sap "runs" (sap flow) since we started tapping out three-four days ago. We now have about 600 gal of sap in the tanks. For us that's about 3 days of cooking at 200 gal day. Until now, we've been leak checking, fixing our tubing and mainlines, experimenting with our relatively new vacuum system - a small diaphragm sap pump. But sap is building up and we need to get moving towards boiling before expected sap runs in next few days. There's at least a day's work to do before that can happen. 

The order of priority of effort, for me, is always: 1) get the sap collected; then 2) get everything else together: arch, pan, tank plumbing, firewood cut and split and stored in sugar house. Get the goods and then do the figuring.